Rockschool Bass Grades

Have you ever found that your bass guitar practice could benefit from more structure? If you’re anything like me, structure is crucial to success. This is not exclusive to music, and you can find the benefits of this in most areas of professional life.

Working your way through musical grades can be a great way to provide structure to your practice, and also give you a good barometer of how you’re progressing.

I’ve been involved with Rockschool in a number of capacities since 2006; in fact I even had a co-write credit with the fantastic Joe Bennett (who is now a world-regarded forensic musicologist!) in the Rockschool Bass Grade 6 syllabus that was active between 2006-2012. Check it out if you can find a copy, as it has a great 32nd note unison section. ✌️

If you have a bass guitar lying around, chances are (at the time of writing) you aren’t gigging, so what better time to become a more rounded player, build chops, understand some music theory (by actually relating it to songs you know!) and improve as a bass guitarist?